Morrisby Careers

The Morrisby Careers Questionnaire will help you discover your career preferences and interests. These will be interpreted and analysed in the context of careers and educational choices, giving you suggestions for career areas, subject choices and apprenticeship and degree routes. 

Student Sign Up 

Students sign up to the Morrisby Careers Questionnaire using the link above and enter the  

Registration Code MC54L523 

  • • The Questionnaire will take about 15 mins to complete and is mobile compatible, you will be able to access your results as soon as you have completed the assessments.

You should use your College email address and your login details will be confirmed to you by email. Make a note of your password. 

General advice: It is important to be honest in answering the questions. Your answers should be based on your own interests and not what you think you should be answering. Don’t dwell too long on any question. The best approach is to answer with the first thing that comes into your head, as this will usually be the most accurate answer. Remember that if your interests change, you can retake the questionnaires. 

You will probably want to book a careers appointment after you have used Morrisby Careers to chat through your ideas. 

The National Careers Service website is a good resource for job profiles

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