Refer to College Counselling

Counselling is private and confidential; we do not need to confirm your attendance or discuss the issues with anyone else. The only exception to this is a safeguarding issue. This must be taken to the safeguarding team in college who will support you. We have a duty of care to do this.  Your counsellor will continue to support you.

The counselling space is your time to work through your problems and issues in a safe environment. We offer compassionate listening, valuing your experiences and enabling you to make sense of difficulties.

The counselling team has two experienced counsellors who are both well qualified in therapeutic counselling. We work ethically under the guidelines of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

To access Counselling email:

The email does not need to contain any information about the issues, just a request for counselling.

Replies are with a couple of days by email with alternative counselling and resources while you wait.

Assessments are for 50 minutes and you will have the opportunity to talk about the issues affecting you – talking to someone often provides some immediate relief.

Following assessment, you will be offered 6 appointments.  You will be on a waiting list, typically two /three weeks. Your 6 appointments will be at the same time each week. If you cannot attend all you need to do is email your counsellor in advance of the session. We try to find the most suitable time for you whenever possible.

What issues do we work with?

Anxiety, stress, low mood, relationships, eating problems (how it’s affecting you), self-injury, anger, loss and bereavement, self-identity, sexuality, sex, transition, physical health, abuse, addictive behaviours.

There are many other areas not listed – counsellors are able to support you through your worries and concerns. If specialist advice or treatment is required, we can help you find the right support, counselling is not always right for everyone.

Julie and Sonia


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